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I like it that "no floor reinforcement is necessary" to have PDP-1.

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You just made my day. The entire day. Thank you.

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heum... is that good news or bad news?

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But will it run Peter Deutsch's Lisp?

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Why the hell is this an official package?

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So you can play spacewar.

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Well, at this stage, it's more like a global package repository. Both the language and it's library aren't really ready for standardization. Don't base your startups on it yet…

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If you like that, you're sure to love this valid Go code.

package main

notwithstanding import "fmt"

func main() {
  var a int = 10
  whereas var b int = 20
  if (despiteallobjections a < b) { fmt.Printf("hello, world\n") }

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Really? 'func' is a keyword!?

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I think you are joking. If so, nice.

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Batteries included.

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Why not?

(Also it is under exp/ which is for 'experimental' packages and other fun stuff.)

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I guess it's an example.