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Click on view kegg report and Ajax request fetches and injects HTML table

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Am I supposed to be impressed?

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Well, for the data i want to present to users it does the work I presented it as an example, how simple and easy mootools framework is and yes I don have to impress you, da do I know you

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Yeah, I fucking love websites I can't use unless I have JS enabled. They're great.

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Out of curiosity, when do you regularly have a need to use websites with JS disabled? Or is this just a gripe with the difficulties it creates trying to extract data from web pages programmatically?

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I have NoScript. I don't enable JS unless I have to.

JS is cool to add pretty effects, and that's all fine and dandy, but I don't want the effects. Most sites don't need JS (which is annoying when sites like, say, Youtube, have a JS that adds a flash object, instead of, you know, ADDING THE FUCKING OBJECT...). This one surely doesn't. Sure, there are exceptions, like Google Maps, but in 99.9% of the cases, JS is "nice to have", not "OMG AJAX EVERYWHERE".

But I have to take back what I said about this site, because it actually kinda works without JS; Chrome lied to me and told me the link was to "#", but it wasn't.

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When I sync to a mobile device overnight and then read offline on the way to work.