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  1. Buy a hard drive that works in the laptop.
  2. Make a ghost copy, not including empty space (not bit for bit), of the existing drive to the new one.
  3. Put new drive in laptop.

All deleted files(recycling bin will remain) will be gone. Dates and such will remain unchanged. If questions are raised, say you had a hardware failure and had to replace the drive. He can emphasize that he did his best to recover the system to how it was before.

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I'm certainly no legal expert, but...

If questions are raised, say you had a hardware failure and had to replace the drive.

is going to seem suspicious to say the least, especially if they've been warned not to do anything to the drive.

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That sounds good to me.

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well, be careful. you don't want to get caught up in the legal problems of others.

did he go to any problematic websites?

if there isn't a motion filed to obtain the laptop then there shouldn't be any expectation that he isn't using the laptop as normal. she can't demand that he stop using his laptop as he normally would unless they seize it and that takes some legal effort. it takes a judge to say that he can't use the laptop as normal.

windows washer will do what you want, but if it goes on his credit card then you have a problem. no?

after you uninstall windows washer then take the hard drive out and drop it while it's powered up. just don't do it in a way so as to leave marks. you can get one of those USB adapters to accomplish this.

i'm not a lawyer.

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one thing to watch out for is that mailboxes often still contain "deleted" messages. mailboxes have to be "compacted" to clean out old junk.

after emptying trash and getting rid of all ghost copies of files like that, you can first defrag the drive, then just push record on an audio program and record silence til your hard drive fills up. this may not take care of very small empty blocks but it will fill up the empty space and wipe out any deleted files.

but in this situation i'd recommend you find a professional secure-erasing program and a registry cleaner. there are many out there.

and i wouldn't worry about him going to jail for deleting files. this isn't a criminal case. there's no way to prove that he cleaned the drive. he can just deny it. deleted files get overwritten in the normal course of computer use such as recording audio and normal registry maintenance.

someone suggested a new hard drive but that may still preserve certain cached files. be sure to clean browser caches, cookies, etc. the only way to be truly safe is to reinstall the OS on a new disk, honestly.

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Shouldnt this open the door for him to look at all her private shit?

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    It is not about being upset it is about having equal footing for money, if she is gonna try to claim he is unfaithful or something.

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    Any action you take now will be a felony. Are you sure you want to do this? Remember, if there is evidence of a crime and it gets found, you are an accomplice to that crime.

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    oh blah blah. what law would he be breaking to make it a felony? it's not evidence in a criminal case.

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    At the least the judge told the friend to preserve the data. That is potential contempt at least. At worst the friend did commit a crime and he is covering it up.

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      lmao, well if its the wife asking him then who fucking cares. the wife has no authority to ask him to do anything with his data. just clean it.

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      If you know more than the story, fine. The description above says that the court ordered him.

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      Sell the computer.

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      The judge told him to preserve the data.

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      Ah, didn't catch that part....

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        Read it again. The court ordered him to preserver the data.

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        /r/programming is not a place to run polls or ask for help. Additionally, it sounds like you need to consult an attorney, and no one in their right mind would respond to this question without consulting theirs.

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        If he's really worried, buy a new hard drive and fresh install a system.

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        you cannot erase info, only overwrite it. New Hdd and reload operating system.

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          He's been threatened with jail if he 'erases evidence'

          This sounds like the type of typical BS that P.I.'s (etc) thrive on.

          I'm not very well versed in legal matters at all, but unless he got some instruction from a court he's not legally bound to do anything.

          Now if he's committed a crime in the past with the computer, and they found he'd deleted a bunch of stuff they could argue he was "tampering with evidence" but that's not really relevant to what's at hand.

          There are many good anti-forensic tools out there for people with just a tiny bit of Google-Fu.

          I would say have him talk to his lawyer stat, and then delete the data before she can get some actual authority behind her request.

          You could easily argue that any data was destroyed in routine maintenance.

          Also why the heck are you posting here?

          Im so sick of everyone posting anything somewhat computer related in the programming subreddit...

          This has NOTHING to do with programming, it's a general computing question.