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I prefer to call it nerd sorcery

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While this was somewhat entertaining to read (for instance, the scribe part), but he still never proved that programmers don't exist.

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I think the point he was trying to make is that programming is only a tool to do something bigger. Programming is how you do something, not what you are doing in and of itself (what you're doing).

It does make me wonder how he can claim to make his money "coaching programmers" who don't exist.

This selected quote sums up the article nicely, IMO:

The world you believe you live in sometimes makes more of a difference than the world you actually do live in.

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i'm a jboss specialist by day and a cloud scaler after lunch. my experiences include scrum meetings and serious face.

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Am I the only one that is getting a little bit bored of seeing XKCD everywhere?

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I was more confused by Obama showing up multiple times

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You might not be, but some of us are (or would like to be).