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Who will be the first to create a Go AI in Go?

Edit: The name should be a no-brainer.

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Developed at the nightclub Go Go A Go Go.

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And to start it you say "Go-Go Go Go"?

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I know about at least one implementation:

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This is a decent resource btw:

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This depends on your criteria. If you want one that doesn't win I can create it for you today. Making one that can beat a reasonably competent player will take a while longer.

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I think I've laid out a way to serialize a Go game's moves into a 'chromosome' to use in a genetic algorithm. I think that by calculating your average density throughout certain sectors in comparison to enemy density should be good enough throughout time to determine which moves result in more chances of winning.

This'll let you run it a million times to get better I'll get to learning Go tonight.