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Ryan Tate is not exactly the most unbiased source for news about Google. You might as well be reading a Google article written by a drunk Steve Jobs.

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Came here hoping to read this, the comments on there are very supportive.

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I think this would better be applied to any other multi-billion dollar companies. I think a comparison with those would throw Google and its leaders in a more sympathetic light.
I'm pretty sure my local grocery farmer is also less "Evil, Delusional and Arrogant" than Google, for instance.

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I think the difference here is, most mega-companies realize the "good" they're doing is just making their investors rich. They're not helping the world and don't try to say they are (with the exception of Walmart who have the gall to claim their scorched earth retail practices are good for everyone).

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This seemed really bitter to me. Was it written by someone who failed a google interview perhaps?

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It is indeed very bitter. It's written by Ryan Tate, not exactly a Google fan and has a history of writing nasty articles about either the company or the companies employees personal lives. Steve Jobs is also Jesus to him, yes.. he's one of those annoying ones.

Some other google related "articles" from him.

He's not a respected tech journalist. He'd be more suited in TMZ

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When they enter their offices every day, the superior minds at Google take off their human shells to reveal them to be incandescent beings of pure light that transcend the borders of time and space as they generously gift the world with their latest creation.

People not ready to be so enlightened become blind instantly when they gaze upon these creatures.

One of the great jokes of our time is the fact that the name of the entity is actually an open invitation to go and see for yourself how truly amazing and beyond worldly concerns these superior beings are.

Google = Go, ogle. How clear can it be? How can we not see the greatness that is Google when they themselves invite us to?

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That was pretty funny. Too bad it's downvoted.

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I try to bring joy into the world, kaboom, I'm not worried about karma points.

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"All this information that you have about us... Does that scare everyone in this room?" The questioner asked... "Would you prefer someone else?" Schmidt shot back... "Is there a government that you would prefer to be in charge of this?"

Is there?

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No, but that doesn't mean I want Google to have all that information, either.

Plus, effectively, if Google has all that information, the US government is about half a step away from having it.

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YOU gave google that information willingly. They were never secretive about their practices. People need to stop blaming companies for not reading END USER LICENSE AGREEMENTS (all in caps because people really don't know what EULA is)

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Then don't use the internet.

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It's pretty simple to avoid giving google that information. Don't use google and use adblocking software. It's not like Google is collecting this information without you willingly giving it to them.

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I don't agree with everything he says, but I do think he has a point or two in there somewhere.

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Delusions of greatness and complete utter arrogance. A company trying to diversify out of making almost all of its revenue from one product. We will see if they succeed.